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At MMS, we are committed to building long term shareholder value. We are focused on diversifying our business into new markets and geographies to become a leader in adjacent and complementary sectors.


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Financial calendar

2023 Calendar

The 2023 calendar for MMS is presented below. Dates are subject to change should circumstances require.
Any change in dates will be advised to the Australian Securities Exchange.

22 February 2023
FY23 half year results and interim dividend announcement
09 March 2023
Ex-dividend date for interim dividend
10 March 2023
Record date for interim dividend
24 March 2023
Payment date for interim dividend
23 August 2023
FY23 full year results and final dividend announcement
07 September 2023
Ex-dividend date for final dividend
08 September 2023
Record date for final dividend
22 September 2023
Payment date for final dividend
27 October 2023
Annual General Meeting

Dividend Information

Final Dividend 2023

Final Dividend:             66 cents, fully franked

Ex-dividend date:         7 September 2023

Record date:                 8 September 2023

Payment date:              22 September 2023

Interim Dividend 2023

Interim Dividend:         58 cents, fully franked

Ex-dividend date:         9 March 2023

Record date:                 10 March 2023

Payment date:               24 March 2023

Shareholder Communications

Receiving your shareholder communications electronically is the best way to stay informed and will assist MMS with its commitment to environmentally sustainable practices.

How can I change to electronic communications?

You have a choice for how certain MMS shareholder communications are sent to you. If you haven’t already, MMS encourages all shareholder to receive electronic communications. To elect to receive electronic communications, please login to your securityholder account through the Computershare Easy Update website at: Securityholders are able to view and maintain their holdings at any time through the Computershare website. If you do not have internet access, please call 1300 850 505 and provide your information over the phone.

What elections can I make?

You can make an election as to how you would like to receive certain documents including Annual Reports and documents related to shareholders’ meetings (for example AGM notices of meeting and proxy/voting forms):

You can make a standing election to receive the documents in electronic or physical form; or

You can tell us if you do not want to receive a hard-copy of the Annual Report.

You will always be able to access and read our Annual Report or Notice of Meeting when it is published on the MMS website and the ASX market announcement platform.

If at any time you need more information about the options available to you, please login to your securityholder account through the Computershare Easy Update website at: or call 1300 850 505.