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Work-life balance

Paid parental leave

MMSG understands the importance of family and offers paid parental leave to full-time and part-time employees, dependent on length of service:

for employees with between 2-5 years service:

  • 6 weeks paid leave for employees with more than 5 years service:

  • 12 weeks paid leave for eligible employees, paternity leave is also available with a paid component of one week.

Career break leave

At MMSG, employees who have served a minimum of three years employment can apply for long term unpaid leave as Career Break Leave. A career break can be a great opportunity to ‘re-charge’ - take that trip of a lifetime or take the time to  learn something new and come back to work feeling refreshed and energised.

Career breaks may be taken for any purpose, excluding other employment.

During the time away from work, your employment is effectively suspended; however, you continue to maintain an employment relationship with MMSG.

Certain other conditions also apply to Career Break.