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Financial benefits

Exempt Employee Share Plan*

This Plan provides an opportunity for eligible employees to be part owners of McMillan Shakespeare Limited through acquisition of MMS shares via salary packaging arrangements.

Eligible employees are able to contribute up to $1,000 per financial year from pre-tax salary to acquire MMS shares. Participation in the Plan requires a minimum contribution of $500 per financial year.

The Plan is open to permanent full-time and part-time employees who have been employed with MMSG for a minimum of six months.


MMSG Default Superannuation Plan – MLC Masterkey Business Super

As an employee of MMSG, you have the option of selecting MLC Masterkey Business Super as your superannuation plan. This plan includes default insurance of Death and Total & Permanent Disability and Income Protection Insurance.

MMSG pays the insurance premiums for Income Protection Insurance for members of the MMSG Default Super Plan. This means that in the event of severe sickness or injury, 75 per cent of your salary (plus compulsory employer superannuation guarantee contributions) will be paid to you monthly, for up to two years. It includes a waiting period of 90 days.

As an MLC Masterkey Business Super Member, you have access to a range of benefits through MLC Member Rewards, including lifestyle and financial benefits.


Salary packaging

Permanent full-time and part-time employees of MMSG are eligible to salary package a range of items with pre-tax salary, including additional superannuation contributions and novated leases. Salary packaging a new, used or existing** car (one that the employee currently owns) is a great way to drive the car you want and potentially save and make your money go further.

Before deciding to salary package a car or any other benefit, please seek independent financial advice to assess your individual circumstances.