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Novated leasing

Through our brands Maxxia and RemServ, we offer a complete leasing solution, from fully maintained and self-managed novated leases, to budgeted finance leases.

A novated lease is a three way agreement between you (the employer), a financier and your employee. Your employees make lease repayments on a car of their choice and pay for their running costs with a combination of pre and post tax salary. This decreases their taxable income, so they pay less income tax and potentially save thousands of dollars each year.

Our novated leasing services include:

  • access to a comprehensive vehicle procurement service 

  • experienced consultants who can assist employees with selecting and leasing the best suited motor vehicle

  • GST savings on the purchase price of a new vehicle

  • ongoing account management - we manage your employees' accounts to minimise your FBT exposure and liaise directly with individual employees in the case of a shortfall.

Salary packaging a car through a novated lease arrangement provides employees with a way to potentially get more out of their salary, and is an effective way for employers to reward and recognise their employees’ hard work without increasing wages.