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Our growth in the UK was further supported through the additional of a consumer finance arm with the acquisition of EVC in November 2016.


In Australia, we expanded and diversified our service offering through the acquisition of the Presidian Group in February, followed shortly after by United Financial Services in July. This signalled our entry into the consumer finance industry.

In November 2015, we acquired asset finance broker Anglo Scottish Asset Finance, representing another building block in the evolution of our UK business.


Acquired CLM Fleet Management, significantly expanding our UK-based operations.


We announced a 50/50 joint venture company with UK-based Visper Asset Finance and introduced Maxxia Finance for the UK.


We acquired Interleasing and Holden Leasing, adding operating lease and asset management services such as fleet management to our expanding suite of workplace benefits.


Began trading as Maxxia in all states, except Queensland where we continue to operate as RemServ.

Expanded to New Zealand.


Listed on the ASX as McMillan Shakespeare Limited (ASX:MMS). 

We acquired Brisbane-based PKF Remuneration Services (RemServ).


McMillan Shakespeare and Associates was founded by Anthony Podesta, a former business and economics teacher, who recognised the opportunity offered by the introduction of Fringe Benefits Tax and created Australia’s first outsourced salary packaging service. 


Our businesses

McMillan Shakespeare is listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX:MMS).

We have 21 subsidiary companies. These include 15 incorporated in Australia, two in New Zealand and the remaining four in the United Kingdom:


  • Maxxia Pty Ltd

  • Maxxia Ltd (NZ)

  • Remuneration Services (Qld) Pty Ltd

  • Interleasing Australia Ltd

  • TVPR Pty Ltd trading as Holden Leasing

  • Presidian Group
  • Anglo Scottish Asset Finance (UK)
  • Maxxia Finance (UK)

  • CLM (UK)

McMillan Shakespeare also has a 50% interest in the Maxxia UK.


Group structure